Heliodyne Solar Domestic Hot Water System with H-PAK (96,120)
Heliodyne Solar Domestic Hot Water System with H-PAK (96,120) Package of parts used in a Heliodyne High Efficiency solar domestic hot water system (SDHW) for a family of 4 to 6 people. This system consists of 3 Heliodyne GOBI 408 collectors, 120 gallon SunEarth storage tank, and Heliodyne H-PAK appliance. This parts list is offered as a guideline and may not be appropriate for all installations. Pricing is based upon flush mount bracket kits, other mounting options are available. Please contact a representative for more information.
Package Details
Package: HDDHW096G-120U
Category: Domestic Hot Water: Heliodyne Systems with H-PAK
MSRP: $6,130.84
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Package Contents Qty
04-RF01 Custom Copper Roof Flashing, 8x12 2 EA
07-HD0007 Heliodyne Flush Mount Bracket Kit with Clip, Black 12 EA
13-GOB132 Heliodyne GOBI 408, Blue Sputter Absorber 3 EA
14-HD075 Heliodyne DYN-O-SEAL Disc Union, 3/4" 2 EA
PZ-0141 Hercules Cryo-Tek-100, Propylene Glycol, 5 Gallon Bucket 1 EA
SS-SU120U SunEarth Solar Storage Tank, Universal Connect, Electric Backup, 120 Gallon 1 EA