SunEarth Panel Clip, Mill Finish

Panel mounting clip for SunEarth solar hot water panels. Mill finish.

Product Details
Sun Source Part #: 07-CLIPML
Manufacturer: SunEarth Inc.   More Products   Visit Website
Mfg. Part #: MTG-C-100-MF
Category: DHW Systems
Sub-Category: Solar Panel Brackets
Availability: DISCONTINUED - No Longer Available
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Superseded By
This item is no longer available. It has been replaced by the following:
07-CLIPBL  SunEarth Panel Clip, Black
Library Documents
SunEarth RexRack Spec Sheet (0.96 MB)
More Images
Panel Assembly with Hinged Foot & Clip
Panel Assembly with Hinged Foot & Clip
SunEarth Panel Clip Mounted To S-5-U Clamp
SunEarth Panel Clip Mounted To S-5-U Clamp
Rex Rack Mounting With Telescoping Legs
Rex Rack Mounting With Telescoping Legs
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