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Sun Source Energy Products is the largest and most experienced solar energy supplier in the Northeast. With over 35 years of experience, we are the most experienced source for solar thermal water heating and solar pool heating equipment. Please contact us if you can't find what you need in our online catalog.


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New! Heliodyne DTT-84 Solar Controllers In Stock

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Heliodyne DTT-84 differential solar controllers are now in stock. This basic controller is a hardwire model with 2 10k sensor inputs and one pump relay output. Sensors are not included with the control.

The PC Board in this control is the same board that Heliotrope General used in their DTT-84 controls. This has proven to be a very reliable controller over the decades. For customers that have an existing Heliotrope control, this Heliodyne DTT-84 is a direct replacement, the board can even be swapped into the old Heliotrope controller.

Heliodyne DTT-84 Solar Differential Control

Goldline SB 10K Ohm Sensor

Goldline SC-1/4 10K Sensor, Screw In

New! Sale Pricing On Pentair Solar Touch Control Combos

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring pool heating season is here and we have just received a shipment of Pentair SolarTouch pool heating controls.

We are offering special pricing and free shipping for retail customers! If you are thinking of moving to a digital control, or would like to ability to operate a Pentair Variable Speed pump, please see the links below!

Pentair SolarTouch Control Only

Pentair SolarTouch Control with 2 Pentair 10K sensors

Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Control Combo

Steca TR A503 TTR Control Now Includes Micro SD Card

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Steca TR A503 TTR control now includes a Micro SD Card from the manufacturer.

The card enables the control to log all parameters and operational conditions once per minute. Included in the logging are all temperature and flow sensors, as well as output relay states.

With the free Steca Analyzer software (available to download), system troubleshooting is easier than ever. Plus, the included card is guaranteed to work with the control.

Steca TR A503 TTR Solar Control

Ruud Commercial Storage Tanks Now Available

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Ruud commercial storage tanks are now available from Sun Source Energy Products.

We can provide 80 and 120 gallon variants with attractive pricing. These tanks feature 2" fittings, ASME certification, and 5 year warranties.

Tanks are readily available with short lead time to ship direct to your commercial jobsite.

Ruud ST-80
Ruud ST-120

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Aquatherm Solar Industries Pool Panel - 4x12, 1.5" Header

Aquatherm ECOSUN Solar Pool Panel - 4x12, 1.5" Header

Heliodyne GOBI 408, Blue Sputter Absorber

Steca TR-A503TTR-U with 3 PT1000 Sensors

Steca SETR-0301-U with 3 PT1000 Sensors

Goldline GL-235 Solar Pool Control Combo

Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Control Combo

Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Control Combo With Hayward Valve