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SunEarth Landscape Racking
SunEarth Rack on a South Roof
Mounting solar hot water collectors in a landscape fashion is fairly commonplace, and on the surface seems like a simple option. In reality, the installer can be presented with some unique challenges to mounting in landscape.

One of the primary challenges is properly lagging the racking into the structure.

The SunEarth RexRack Adjustable Landscape Kit is a nice off the shelf solution that works well when rafter tie-in is not an issue. This would generally be a south facing roof, where the panels are square to the roof. The brackets can be placed where the rafters already are, and then the panels mounted up.

What About East or West Roofs?

This is where you start to run into problems with the off the shelf solutions, as the mounting feet are relatively small. This does not allow much latitude in the rafter location. The problems are further compounded if you have a South East or South West roof and the panels will not be square to the structure. Picking up rafters becomes difficult or impossible and blocking the lags is not the most desireable solution.

Sun Source Custom Landscape Rack

Sun Source Energy Products Custom Landscape Racking
Sun Source Custom Landscape Rack on a Southwest Roof
To solve these problems, we can offer you a modified version of the SunEarth Landscape Rack. We modify the SunEarth Landscape Rack design by giving you a solid C-Channel bottom member, as opposed to two small feet.

This allows the racking to be located in a desireable location on the roof, and then drilled onsite for lagging into the rafters.

The racking is custom made to your specification. Just tell is the roof pitch and orientation, and the desired panel pitch and orientation, and we can figure out the rest.

Custom Rack Features

Part No. Part Name Dealer Cost Retail
Solar Panel Brackets
07-RX0190 RexRack Custom 30 Degree Fixed Landscape Kit, Black -- $190.64
07-RX0200 RexRack Custom 45 Degree Fixed Landscape Kit, Black -- $238.00
07-RX0209 RexRack Custom 60 Degree Fixed Landscape Kit, Black, for 3' Panels -- $151.76
07-RX0210 RexRack Custom 60 Degree Fixed Landscape Kit, Black -- $179.01