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SunEarth TRB-32 Collectors at Ithaca Ecovillage
12 SunEarth TRB-32 Collectors at the Ithaca Ecovillage, Ithaca, NY
SunEarth Inc., established in California in 1978, manufactures industry standard solar water heating collectors and systems for residential and commercial applications.

Each SunEarth product is carefully engineered for a world market that demands simple, durable, and reliable solar water heating components and integrated systems.

SunEarth solar collectors are manufactured for a thirty-year design life. SunEarth products require little or no maintenance and are backed by a ten year warranty.

SunEarth Inc. is the largest manufacturer of solar thermal flat plate collectors in the United States. They also manufacture the highest performing collector, the ThermoRay.

Empire & ThermoRay Solar Collectors

Sun Source Energy Products is proud to carry the SunEarth Empire & ThermoRay series of flat plate collectors. These products provide 3 different levels of efficiency in a sleek, low profile black anodized aluminum frame. All collectors are glazed with low-e tempered glass, and insulated with both insulation board and fiberglass to provide the highest performance levels in the industry.

SunEarth, Inc.

Availability And Delivery

We keep a generous stock in our New Jersey warehouse and can often arrange delivery to you very quickly. If and when possible, Sun Source Energy Products will personally deliver the collectors so the material is ready for you on time and without damage.

Please see below for our very competitive pricing on SunEarth solar thermal collectors.

Part No. Part Name Dealer Cost Retail
SunEarth Flat Plate Solar Panels
01-SECP20 SunEarth CopperHeart CP-20 Integrated Storage Collector Spec. Order -- --
01-SECP40 SunEarth CopperHeart CP-40 Integrated Storage Collector Spec. Order -- --
01-SEEP21 SunEarth Collector, Empire EP-21 Spec. Order -- --
01-SEEP24 SunEarth Collector, Empire EP-24 -- $959.65
01-SEEP32 SunEarth Collector, Empire EP-32 -- $1,168.75
01-SEEP40 SunEarth Collector, Empire EP-40 -- $1,540.63
01-SEEP4A SunEarth Collector, Empire EP-40-2 Split Glass Spec. Order -- --
01-SETR20 SunEarth Collector, ThermoRay TRB-20 -- $1,021.95
01-SETR26 SunEarth Collector, ThermoRay TRB-26 -- $1,213.20
01-SETR32 SunEarth Collector, ThermoRay TRB-32 -- $1,304.55
01-SETR40 SunEarth Collector, ThermoRay TRB-40 Split Glass -- $1,634.40