Heliodyne GOBI 406, Blue Sputter Absorber

Heliodyne model GOBI 406 solar collector panel for domestic hot water applications featuring aluminum absorber with blue sputterabsorber coating on surface. Factory unions installed for easy installation. Fluid passageways and header is all copper. Size is 4' X 6', 24.91 square feet absorber area. Black anodized extruded aluminum frame with low iron tempered glass. 10 year warranty. This item is especially suitable for areas with severe winter climate or for use in space or radiant heating.

Product Details
Sun Source Part #: 13-GOB124
Manufacturer: Heliodyne   More Products   Visit Website
Mfg. Part #: 51372
Mfg. SKU #: GOBI 406 001
Category: DHW Systems
Sub-Category: Heliodyne GOBI Flat Plate Solar Panels
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List Price: $1,135.33 / Each
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Warranty Information
Material: 10 Years
Labor: 0 Years
Library Documents
Heliodyne GOBI Collectors Spec Sheet (0.74 MB)
Heliodyne GOBI Install Manual (0.23 MB)
Heliodyne Warranty Statement (0.04 MB)
Included In Packages
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HDDHW072G-120U Heliodyne Solar Domestic Hot Water System with H-PAK (72,120)
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