Goldline GL-30-LCO Solar Control, with Line Cord, with 2 Sensors

Solar differential thermostat for solar domestic hot water systems. Includes two sensors. Includes line cord and and outlet for 110 Volt plug in operation. This will also directly replace the Heliotrope General DTT-94.

Product Details
Sun Source Part #: CD-0019
Manufacturer: Goldline   More Products   Visit Website
Mfg. Part #: GL-30-LCO / SB
Category: DHW Systems
Sub-Category: Controls For Solar Thermal Systems
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List Price: $195.02  $171.95 / Each
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Library Documents
Goldline GL-30 Data Sheet (0.19 MB)
Goldline GL-30 Manual (0.81 MB)
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Side/Rear View
Side/Rear View
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