Steca TR-A503TTR-U Solar Control with 3 PT1000 Sensors

Steca model TR-A503TTR-U differential temperature control with digital temperature display, programmable functions for solar thermal systems. Hard wire, 110 or 220 volt input. Allows for five inputs and will control three outputs. Three probe sensors included. Allows for flow meter input and displays BTU produced by system and hours of operation. Has slot for mini SD memory card and will interface with Steca router for instantaneous remote monitoring. One mini SD memory card is supplied and installed in the control.

Product Details
Sun Source Part #: CD-0043
Manufacturer: Steca   More Products
Mfg. Part #: TR-A503-TTR-U
Category: Controls For Solar Thermal Systems
Availability: Normally Stocked
List Price: $353.09 / Each
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Warranty Information
Material: 2  Years 
Library Documents
Steca TR A503 TTR U Instruction Manual (4.81 MB)
Steca TR A503 TTR U Specification Sheet (0.54 MB)
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