SunEarth RexRack Spec Sheet

SunEarth RexRack mounting system specification sheet.

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Author SunEarth, Inc.
Date Added 7/16/2015
Type Brochures / Sales Literature
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07-CLIPBL SunEarth Panel Clip, Black
07-RX0001 RexRack Strut Nut with SunEarth Panel Clip, Black
07-RX0003 RexRack Strut Nut with Bolt
07-RX0020 RexRack Hinged Front Foot, Black
07-RX0390 Custom RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 10"-16", Black
07-RX0395 RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 18"-28", Black
07-RX0400 RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 24"-41", Black
07-RX0410 RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 38"-65", Black
07-RX0420 RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 58"-97", Black
07-RX0430 RexRack Rear Telescoping Leg 86"-122", Black
07-RX0500 RexRack Solar Strut, Custom Length, Black
07-RX0508 RexRack Solar Strut, 104", Black
07-RX0520 RexRack Solar Strut, 240", Black
07-RX0539 RexRack Mount Foot, No Hardware, Black
07-RX0550 RexRack Solar Strut Splice
07-RX0560 RexRack Perpendicular Hinge
07-RX0570 RexRack Base Hinge
07-RX0575 RexRack Base Bracket
07-RX0595 RexRack "C" Channel, 1 1/2", Black
07-RX0596 RexRack "C" Channel, 1 3/4", Black
07-RX0600 RexRack "C" Channel, 2", Black