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Aquatherm Industries debunks Heliocol Product Claims
Always keeping track of the competition's claims is key! Israeli manufacturer Heliocol recently made some untrue claims about both their product, as well as Aquatherm's product, in terms of performance and reliability. Aquatherm Industries, manufacturer of the Solar Industries and Ecosun line of solar pool heating collectors, has issued their response in the following documents. An interesting read!
Performance of Vacuum Tube and Flat Plate Collectors
The CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR SOLAR ENGINEERING at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences investigates a solar-assisted heating system in a two-family-house. The targets of this project are the demonstration of solar energy utilisation in redeveloped family- houses as well as its potential of CO2 emission reduction. Furthermore, one focus is placed on the evaluation of modern vacuum tube and flat plate collectors regarding hot water preparation and room heating.
PV Vs. Solar Water Heating: Simple Payback
Homepower Magazine article from October/November 2008 comparing the simple paybacks for PV and Thermal solar installations.